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• Very deep and high quality experience of over 25 years in many aspects of IT technical and IT management in diverse industries. This includes ECC (primarily Business Objects and BW), Client server, Mainframe etc. • Very flexible and can work either alone or lead small, medium or large teams in both functional and technical areas. Very experienced in working with and leading, if necessary, diverse international teams. • In the latest assignment, worked as the Business Objects Lead and Business Objects developer for the Americas and Asia/Pacific for a major international oil company. Responsible for the worldwide upgrade from BO 3.1 to BI 4.1 and exceptionally successful implementation/upgrade of some very challenging new and existing BW and non BW systems into BI 4.1 while leading diverse international teams. • Heavy BeX/BI reporting including developing complex reports, Web reporting and SAP Portals. . • Extensive experience in almost all areas of BW (FI/CO, SD, MM, PS, HCM, APO etc.) including data modeling, installing and enhancing business content, Integrated Planning, process chains, DTP’s, transformations. Performance tuning, heavy Info Cubes and ODS/DSO design, data loads etc. • Proficient in ABAP on both the ECC and BI side. For BI used ABAP for building generic data sources, user exits for extractor programs, BeX variables, start routines, transfer and update rules, transformations etc. • Extensive data extraction (ETL) from ECC and non ECC sources including using tools like the DB Connect, Informatica, Ascential/DataStage etc. Experienced with 3rd party tools, including MicroStrategy for BI reporting. • Seasoned functional knowledge of numerous SAP modules and tables including FI/CO, SD, MM etc. Responsible for the analysis, design, programming and implementation for extremely large and complex systems for many prestigious organizations. • Led a team that was involved in the merger related conversion, installation of the two of the world’s largest corporations’ diverse IT systems into one global SAP/BI platform. • Chosen a member of the international ‘Who’s who of information technology’. • Prior experience in the legacy software and in multitude of Client Server Environments like SQL Server, Oracle, Access, Visual Basic, Power Builder, etc. • Excellent Communication and interpersonal skills. Highly team oriented and easy to get along with.



BS in Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi 

*Ranked as among the top 3 technical institutions in the world by the prestigious Times Higher Education Supplement (THES).

 MS in Engineering

University of New Brunswick, New Brunswick, Canada


SAP certified in BW. 

Work Experience (in reverse chronological order) :

 Major International Oil Corporation, Houston TX

Duration: Feb 2010 to present

Role: Business Objects Lead, Americas and Asia-Pacific

 Worked as the Business Objects Lead for Americas and Asia-Pacific including Australia. Also worked as a  Business Objects architect/developer/trainer and a senior BW architect.

·         Led a team of onshore/offshore team of many countries to build very highly successful, high quality systems that were considered very challenging, under budget and on time, in BI 4.1 that included diverse data sources including BW.

·         Led the effort to upgrade the worldwide Business objects to version BI 4.1 from BO 3.1 (and sometimes earlier versions of BO) with diverse software bases and platforms. This was a massive effort and involved:

o   Helping diverse users come up with a migration path, costs and schedules.

o   Installation, application testing, performance testing and resolution of issues with full suite of BI 4.1 products including Web Intelligence, Dashboards, Crystal Reports, Information Design Tool, UDT, BICS connection for BW, HANA reporting, Design Studio, Analysis for OLAP, Lumira, security etc.

·         Helped to train and support end users and the Power users in the use of business objects, developing Web Intelligence reports, dashboards etc.

·         Developed many new systems with both RDMS and BW data sources including the data analysis, building universes from scratch, developing reporting solutions, reconciling to existing data etc.

·         Was consistently called upon to design/develop complex BO/BW systems as had deep experience in BW as well.

·         Was a senior designer/developer of a very large internal BW financial system that consolidated all of the regional/national charts of accounts into a Global chart of accounts.    


Brookshire Foods, Tyler TX

Duration: Oct 2009 to Feb, 2010

Role: Senior SAP BI Consultant


Worked as a senior BI consultant in support of their sales and distribution systems as they went through a major implementation.


Hess Petroleum Corporation, Houston TX

Duration: Feb 2009 to present

Role: BI/ECC Lead


Led a FI/CO - BI/ECC development for major complex first spend and net income financial reports. 

·         The client had gone through a major 5 tiered new allocations process for their complex global upstream business due to OECD requirements. Developed innovative backend techniques and complex financial reports including using BeX cell editor to trace all costs, their distribution and flow as those go through from the First Spend to Net Income phases. The reports were presented to the CFO and got extremely favorable reviews. Developed innovative systems in ABAP to trace the costs all the way to the original cost centers for the multi tiered allocations.


DuPont, Jacksonville, Florida                                                            

Duration: June 2008 to January 2009

Role: BI/ECC Lead


Lead an HCM 6.0 BI/ECC implementation for one of the biggest global BI/ECC HCM systems.

·         Coordinated quality review of specifications, designing backend solutions including some complex scenarios, developing the backend and frontend reports, ABAP programming on BI as well as ECC side, resolving major technical and functional issues across many HCM modules, establishing portal links and roles, data loads, establishing automated process chains, post implementation support etc.


Shell Oil, Houston, TX                                         

Duration: December 2007 – June 2008

Role: BI Developer / Architect


BI developer/architect on the upgrade of global financial systems in the BI 7.0 environment.

·         Installed many new business content extractors including the new general ledger.

·         Solved some very complex, critical issues with FI extractors and developed very innovative, user friendly flat file load ABAP validations/transformations that won big acclaim.

·         Translated user requirements into technical specifications and designed, developed DSO’s, transformations, InfoProviders, Virtual InfoProviders, complex web queries, process chains, modification of extractors and queries thru user exits for financial Budgets and Actuals data.

·         The systems were developed in Houston, London, England, Malaysia and Philippines.


NycoMed, Pharmaceutical firm, Long Island, NY                   

Duration: October 2007 – December 2007

Role: BI Architect


BI architect for new install of SAP/BI.  .

·         Developed business requirements and performed gap analysis for the client’s information requirements vs what was being delivered from the standard business content in the areas of FI/CO, SD, MM, PP, WM etc. Environment was BI 7.0.


Accenture Corporation Chicago, IL

Duration: July 2007 to October 2007

Role: Senior BW Architect                                                                          


Designed, built prototype and wrote specifications for developing a major international Activity Based accounting system in BW (BI 7.0).

·         Led a team of experts in requirements gathering, blueprint of requirements design, technical design and development. This was one of a kind, heavily customized system which would track all of their projects worldwide, their actual and planned costs/revenues, perform allocations and produce reports at various levels.

·         Built custom DSO’s, Info Cubes, Multiproviders, Info sets, Info Sources, Data Sources, transformations, Data Transfer Processes etc.


BHPBilliton, Houston, TX / Melbourne, Australia                        

Duration: October 2006 to July 2007

Role: Senior BW Architect                                                                          


BHPBilliton is an Australia based world’s largest diversified resources company involved in Petroleum, Coal, Minerals, Base Metals etc. Tavelled to Melbourne, Australia as part of the project.

  • Worked as senior BW architect designing Global BW SEM/BPS Business blue prints for many different industries including Petroleum/Mining/Base Metals etc. spanning diverse countries for complex BW landscapes involving multiple R/3 instances for many systems  including FI/CO and Project Systems..
  • Used DB2 Connect to connect to and transfer data from some legacy systems residing in DB2.


Pacific Gas and Electric, San Francisco, CA                       

Duration: August 2006 to October 2006

Role: Senior BW Architect                                                                          


As part of the team, was involved in designing a complete revamp of their future systems and bringing in new BW systems for SD, MM, WM etc.


Deloitte Consulting, Nashville, TN                            

Duration: April 2006 to August 2006

Role: Senior BW Consultant                                                                   


Worked in their management reporting team to develop BW BeX queries and design web templates that were uploaded to SAP Portals.

·         Was heavily involved in performance tuning for major reports looking at complete design from start to finish including backend design, aggregates, query runtime analysis etc.

·         The reports were in the areas of Financial Management and Controlling. Compared actual and planning data from SEM/BPS, HR, Market Analysis as well as supported Professional Services.


GMAC Corporation. Detroit, MI                           

Duration: January 2006 – March 2006

Role: Senior BW Consultant          


Worked as BW lead technical specialist in developing new systems for their FI/CO area. New companies from South America and Europe were merging their diverse non-R/3 systems into client R/3, BW systems.


Reebok International Ltd. Boston, MA

Duration: November 2005 – December 2005

Role: Senior BW Consultant                                                                      


Worked on customizing worldwide planning and forecasting BW SEM/BPS systems to user requirements.


Bell Helicopter, Dallas, TX  

Duration: August 2005 – October 2005

Role: Senior BW Consultant


Worked on developing FI/CO and PR systems.

  • Installed the business content, developed ABAP custom function module generic data sources in R/3 to extract data into BW, installed InfoCubes, ODS’s and created custom InfoCubes, transfer and update rules to load data from generic data source and designed BeX and web reports to meet specific user requirements.
  • Developed drill down reports for the consolidation system to balance to the source data at line item level.                                                                    


Motorola, Phoenix, AZ                                                               

Duration: June 2005 – August 2005

Role: BW Technical Manager


Technically led a team of onshore and offshore consultants to implement worldwide, heavily customized HCM BW systems.


Marathon Oil Company, Houston TX                                         

Duration: August 2004 – June 2005      

Role: Senior BI consultant


Worked as the lead analyst in their business intelligence group for the maintenance, development and designing future BI strategy for their upstream BW SEM/BPS and HCM systems.

·         The environment was a mixture of BW and Oracle for data warehouse tables and BW BEx and MicroStrategy for reporting. Informatica was being used as the ETL tool.

·         The main applications were FI/CO, Upstream business (drilling, exploration etc.) and Human Resources.

·         For MicroStrategy acted as an administrator.

·         For BW, handled the maintenance of ECCS and HR projects including setting up process chains for loading data etc, debugging production problems including performance and HR queries, writing ABAP user exits to enhance SAP extractors as well as leading a broad strategy design to expand the use of BW as an integration tool throughout the company.


King Pharmaceuticals, Bristol, TN                                               

Duration: March 2004 – July 2004

Role: Senior BW Consultant


Worked on a fresh install of BW ‘proof of concept’ project for a pharmaceutical company to be demonstrated to senior management including the CEO.


Shell Oil, Houston, TX                                                                       

Duration: October 2003 – January 2004

Role: Senior BW/ABAP consultant


Worked in their BW support group.

  • Primary responsibility of creating automated Controls between the R/3 and BW systems for their Business consolidation (ECCS), Assets Management (AM) and Materials Management (MM) systems.
  • Wrote ABAP programs on R/3 to extract data from the R/3 tables, the corresponding data from BW InfoCubes tables using Remote Function Calls, compared and produced control reports with automated abends and emails for any out of balance situations.


Rich Products, Buffalo, NY                                 

Duration: July 2003 – October 2003

Role: Senior ERP consultant


Worked at Rich products (food products giant) designing and implementing their purchasing and general ledger systems for BW.


LAM Research [IBM], Fremont CA

Duration: January 2003 – July 2003

Role: Senior BW Consultant      


Worked at LAM Research building brand new BW SEM/BPS info systems for their worldwide business development project.


Halliburton, Houston, TX

November 2002 – December 2002

Senior BW Consultant 


Worked on the testing and installation of SAP/BW business content for Inventory and Material Management systems.


GTECH Corporation World Headquarters, Providence, RI                                   

Duration: July 2002 – October 2002

Role: Senior BW Consultant 


Worked on the implementation of a global SAP BW SEM/BPS system for Budget, Revenue and Expense Forecasting system.

·         Worked with FI/CO data for actuals and used SEM/BPS for planning data. Duties included design/evaluation of Cubes and Multicubes, Performance tuning, Infopackage creation and data load, writing user exits for data extraction.

·         Created and used variables, customized reports using visual basic exit, solved complex currency conversion issues using update rules as well as translation keys.


ExxonMobil, Houston, TX                                                                               

Duration: February 1986 – April 2002, 16 years

Role: Senior Contract Consultant 


Worked as a SAP consultant involved in the implementation of Exxon and Mobil downstream information systems to one global SAP platform.

·         Developed and maintained many online mainframe systems for Exxon and Exxon Chemicals marketing and refining that were then converted to SAP. Involved in the implementation and maintenance of Exxon Chemicals SAP R/3 system.

·         Worked in the Global SAP Programming Services group of ExxonMobil. Was one of the key members of a very large team involved in the merger and implementation of SAP Mobil systems and regionalized Mainframe Exxon systems into one global SAP Platform called Everest 2.

·         Worked on data modeling and bringing historical data into BW by creating customized cubes, structures and pulling in legacy system data as excel CV files.

·         The senior most member of the 70 members plus EDS team to replace the old downstream information systems with DB2, PL/1, ONLINE and Batch systems.  Chosen a member of the quality control team responsible for improvement of systems for EDS throughout the world with direct access to CEO.

·         Involved in major development systems for Marketing and Financial Systems and the Cost Detail systems for refineries.


Aramco Services Company (Saudi National Oil Co.), Houston, TX               

Duration: March 1984 - February 1986                                                                

Role: Senior Systems Analyst


Developed programs and coordinated the worldwide implementation of their new purchasing, traffic, receiving and materials management system (PATIS).

·         Wrote IMS DB/DC, COBOL programs for new global purchasing and materials management systems called PATIS.

·         Coordinated worldwide implementation of the project in U.S., Europe, Saudi Arabia and Japan.


University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, TX                              

Duration: June 1981 - March 1984

Role: Project Leader


Led a team of 12 analysts responsible for the support and development of twelve major systems including purchasing, receiving, materials management, general stores, physical plant and central records. 

·         Developed detailed functional specifications, feasibility studies and solution scenarios for systems development. Developed RFP’s, evaluated vendor presentations and oversaw full implementation of the systems.

·         Chairman of the Standards Committee responsible for setting up data processing standards for the whole department.


Maryland National Bank, Baltimore, MD                                                           

Duration: March 1980 - June 1981

Role: Programmer Analyst


Developed and maintained pioneering ONLINE home banking system under challenging circumstances.

·         Was responsible for the development, installation and maintenance of an ONLINE home banking/pay-by-phone system.

·         24-hour support was provided, as this was an important system with limited resources.





Pearland, United States of America

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