8 SAP BI Job Interview Tips for Recent College Graduates

Being prepared for a job interview takes more than researching a list of commonly asked interview questions. You have presented the prospective employer with a first-class resume to get the interview, but that only got you in the door. You must make a great first impression with the interviewer. Dress for success, research the company and the job you are interviewing for, and perhaps most importantly, know how to convey to the interviewer that you are the perfect candidate for the job.

To help you prepare we have compiles a list of 8 tips for recent graduates when interviewing for an SAP BI job.

1. Prepare for the Interview Spend some time researching the company

You will want to look at their company website, of course, but you may want to Google the company to find out more, talk to people who work for the company, read press releases; get a sense of what the company is about before the interview. Print out and bring extra copies of your resume to the interview. You don't know who may be sitting in during the interview and you will want them to see why you are the most qualified candidate for the job. Dress for success. Even if you know the company is casual about attire, you want to make a good impression. Plan your outfit, keep it basic and conservative.

2. Have a Positive Attitude Employers look for more than job knowledge and skill

Go to the interview with a positive attitude, demonstrate to the interviewer your willingness to learn and show you are team player and are willing to share your knowledge with others. This is a quality employers look for.

3. Punctuality Arrive for your interview at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time

Arriving early allows you to relax before the interview but more importantly it impresses on the employer that you are responsible and dependable.

4. Be Confident: People who are successful are self confident

Be prepared to answer the interviewer's questions. Some interviewers will look for configuration skills while others may look for business expertise. Companies will require SAP BI consultants to have excellent communication and management skills.

5. Be Prepared to Answer Tough Questions Be ready to answer the question "tell me about yourself"

This is a question most interviewers will ask. Another question you will likely be asked is "what is your biggest weakness?" Think about something that you have struggled with but are working to improve such as public speaking. Tell the interviewer what you have done to improve the weakness. Have a go to phrase ready so if the interviewer asks a question you have to think about you can use it to fill the dead air space while you gather your thoughts to answer the question. This could be repeating the question or thoughtfully saying "now that is a good question, I would have to say..."

6. Be Ready to Present Business Examples Being able to present business examples showcases your analytical skill

There is a vast difference in how interviewers in India ask questions versus Western countries. In an SAP technical interview in India, the interviewer would expect you to talk about the screens and transaction codes. Interviewers in Western countries conduct interviews that are process driven. How you prepare for the interview will be partially determined by location.

7. Communication Skills Communication is an essential element in a successful interview

Some experts in the interviewing process claim excellent communication skills are the deciding factor in 90% of successful SAP interviews. Having the ability to communicate conceptual knowledge to back up your technical skills can mean the difference in interview success or failure.

8. Learn From Interview Mistakes Don't be discouraged if an interview is not successful

It is not unusual for an SAP BI consultant to not get the first job they interview for. Competition for SAP BI Jobs is intense even for experienced consultants. If your first interview is not successful take note of the areas that need improvement and review those areas. This will help make your next interview a success.

In the competitive SAP BI, SAP BW, and SAB BO field, having the ability to express business process knowledge, conceptual precision, clear communication, a willingness to learn, and positive attitude are crucial interview skills. As your career experience, knowledge, and expertise grows, you will gain confidence when interviewing. Experience and confidence usually go hand in hand. Heeding these 8 tips could make the difference between a successful interview and an interview failure.

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