Sample Resume for Recent Graduates to Get a SAP BI Job

In the competitive world of SAP BI, having a strong resume is equally as important as having strong SAP BI skills. Your resume may be your first contact with an employer so it is imperative to make a good first impression. Statistics indicate the average employer only spends a few seconds reviewing a resume. It is important to have a professional resume that highlights the right information to make your resume stand out amongst the other resumes. Because you will probably only have a few seconds to make that first good impression it is important to make sure your skills and education are properly represented in your resume.

There are different formats for resumes. The chronological format is the traditional method of formatting a resume. This format places emphasis on your job titles and your employment history rather than your skills. A chronological resume works best if previous job titles match employer job requirements or show increased job responsibility and higher job position levels. A functional resume places the focus on your skills and achievements rather than job history. This format is best suited to recent graduates and those wishing to highlight their specific knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Whichever type of resume you choose a potential employer will direct most of his/her attention to the top one-third of your resume. This portion of your resume should contain the most dynamic and persuasive information about yourself, your accomplishments and successes and your  most quantifiable facts and results applicable to the position.

Create and include a branding statement about yourself, employers are looking for skills, abilities, and experience. Put this critical information first; differentiate your skills and communicate to the employer what makes you relevant as a job candidate. Illustrate your on the job experience, whether as an intern or an employee. Provide all pertinent education information highlighting relevant areas of specialized study and technical skills. Be sure to include any licenses or certifications you have acquired in the SAP field.

Don't forget a basic but vital piece of information on your resume: your contact information. You wouldn't believe how often this vital bit of information is forgotten.

Remember this last piece of advice. Employers often screen resumes through a digital database to narrow the search for job candidates. You must use specific keywords to get your resume noticed. Study the job description to find clues for potential keywords. Be sure to use industry specific terms in your resume. And avoid using slang words, complicated fonts or layouts in your resume. Employers are interested in your skills and professionalism.

The purpose of a resume is get you noticed and to get an SAP Job interview. Your resume should persuade a prospective employer to want to get to know you better. Use your resume to your advantage, tell the employer about yourself, emphasize your good qualities and deemphasize the bad without falsifying any information. You want your resume to create a long lasting positive impression.

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