Five Important Tips to be the Best SAP BI Consultant

SAP business intelligence (BI) consultants are IT professionals who specialize in SAP business solutions and applications. SAP BI consultants provide businesses and organizations with tools to improve their information infrastructure management and also to be more productive. Typically, consultants gather client's requirements and develop and implement SAP reporting platforms, mitigate risks, and troubleshoot issues. Consultants provide end users with relevant documentation and training.

Successful SAP BI consultants have incorporated these five tips into their skill set.

Strong Communication Skills

Having strong communication skills is an important component of success.  For SAP BI consultants verbal communication skills are no more important than strong listening skills.

Excellent communicators recognize the value of listening and use it to create a more productive workplace. Listening improves interpersonal interactions resulting in greater productivity, fewer misunderstandings, and higher client satisfaction.

Strong verbal and written communication skills and the ability to work as part of a team are as essential as good analytical and problem-solving skills for SAP consultants.


Typically SAP BI consultants have at least a bachelor's degree in information technology, computer science, or a related field. Many have post graduate degrees. SAP certification is requirement for SAP consultants. The consultant's skills demand they stay updated on the latest SAP technology and trends in order to provide expertise to companies to help them build their high tech services. Consultants must have strong skills in SAP application technical architecture and SAP application design, development, integration, process design, configuration, testing, deployment.

SAP BI consultants as well as consultants in the SAP BO and BW fields must have an advanced understanding of design, development, and the implementation of SAP BI solutions. In addition to these skills, they must have knowledge and understanding of the various data integration processes and methodologies and know how to design multi dimensional models.

Knowledge of SAP Trends and Tools

SAP knowledge is a continuing process to stay up-to-date on SAP programs and applications. SAP BI software is going through changes driven by persistent problems related to IT agility, lack of transparency in systems that manage and display data, and data quality. Currently, the trend in SAP is to make data a more visual, more explicit and immediate.

New SAP tools are constantly being introduced. Consultants must understand and have knowledge of how these changes affect ETL, data interface implementation such as SAP BW, Business Objects tools, OLAP and Reporting including Business Objects, SAP,  Data Warehouse and Metadata Management and ERP Data Warehouses.

Industry Knowledge

Equally important to having SAP BI knowledge consultants must have an extensive knowledge of the industry in which they work.

Most industries are a changing competitive environment requiring consultants to keep up-to-date with industry news and trends. Although it may seem understanding industry trends is just one more task to add to your to-do list, it has several important benefits. First, understanding trends will help consultants make better decisions, spot threats and opportunity will give them a competitive edge. Second, consultants who keep up-to-date with trends build expertise and earn the respect and trust of clients, an invaluable plus.

Put the Client's Needs First

Consultants need to be flexible in their approach to clients. This is where strong communication skills can become extremely important. Expert SAP consultants can sometimes become rigid in their approach to problems and try to shape a solution that does not meet the client's needs. It is key for SAP consultants to listen to the client first and adjust the approach to the solution with the client's needs in mind. To gain and retain the trust of the client it is essential to balance proposals and RFPs to the organization's capability or needs.

Successful Career as SAP BI consultants value the client's perspective and endeavor to incorporate it into their solutions.

Making these tips part of your skillset and hard work are qualities that will make a SAP consultant a success.

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