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How to Become SAP BI (BW/BO) Consultant

Are you thinking of becoming an SAP BI(BW, BO) consultant and are feeling clueless about what is the road to it? Let me help you with this.

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SAP BI (BW, BO) consultant job description

In this article, we will discuss what exactly would you be doing once you become an SAP Consultant.

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How to Build a Successful Career as a SAP Consultant or Developer

Do you have what it takes to work in SAP? As is the case with any worthwhile endeavor, a career in SAP requires hard work and planning.

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Five Important Tips to be the Best SAP BI Consultant

SAP BI consultants provide businesses and organizations with tools to improve their information infrastructure management and also to be more productive.

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Sample Resume for Recent Graduates to Get a SAP BI Job

In the competitive world of SAP BI, having a strong resume is equally as important as having strong SAP BI skills. Your resume may be your first contact with an employer so it is imperative to make a good first impression. Statistics indicate the average employer only spends a few seconds reviewing a resume.

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8 SAP BI Job Interview Tips for Recent College Graduates

Being prepared for a job interview takes more than researching a list of commonly asked interview questions.

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